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Top Gold IRA Companies Reviewed

If you’re ready to get started with gold IRA investing, you have plenty of gold IRA companies to choose from. As you look for a company or custodian, you should consider reputation, pricing, years in business, customer service availability and number of services offered. Fortunately, the process of finding the right company for you can be made easier by reading gold IRA company reviews. Below are the top 10 choices out there.

#10. Goldline   goldline

  • Web: http://www.goldline.com
  • Trustlink rating: tl_2stars_lg (45 votes)
  • BBB rating:  C+
  • Complaints: 5 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Goldline has been selling silver, platinum and gold bars and coins to clients for more than half a century. Clients who choose Goldine can rest easy knowing that their investments are safe because the company is willing to keep metals for clients or have them kept under security at a separate depository. Understanding that customer service is an important part of precious metals investment, Goldline makes its customer service staff available to investors six days a week. As a result, investing in metals through the company is accessible from the start. In the past 12 months, Goldine has had five complaints filed against it at the Better Business Bureau, but all five have been closed.

#9. Blanchard blanchard-gold

  • Web: http://www.blanchardonline.com/
  • Trustlink Rating:  Not rated
  • BBB Rating:  A+
  • Complaints: 3 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Blanchard and Company is a merchant specializing in precious metals which is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. More than 30 years have passed since the company first opened for business, and Blanchard now offers a wide range of services to its clients. Economists, precious metals consultants, trends analysts, numismatics experts and rarities consulting are available along with a dedicated vault department. Blanchard employs more than 85 professionals that work for the benefit of clients who trust them with their investments. According to the Better Business Bureau, Blanchard and Company has had only three complaints filed against it within the past 12 months, and all of them were closed.

#8. Rosland Capital rosland capital

  • Web: http://www.roslandcapital.com
  • Trustlink rating: tl_3stars_lg (19 votes)
  • BBB rating:  A+
  • Complaints: 2 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

On the gold IRA scene since 2008, Rosland Capital has worked to establish itself in a competitive marketplace. On the website maintained by Rosland Capital, the company displays endorsements from prestigious clients Jeffery Nichols and William Devane. The company sells gold and silver sourced from a number of locations, including Canada, South Africa and the United States. The Better Business Bureau has received three complaints about the company within the past year, but all three have been closed. Click here to learn about existing reports on this company: http://www.401kgoldirarollover.com/rosland-capital-review/.

#7. Lexi Capital  Lexi Capital

  • Web: http://www.lexicapital.com/
  • Trustlink rating: tl_5stars_lg (1 vote)
  • BBB rating:  A-
  • Complaints: 1 complaint closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Lexi Capital has not been offering its services for long, but it has already been given plenty of positive gold IRA company reviews since it opened. Of particular note are reviews praising its customer service, which complements the features it offers clients. For example, clients beginning to invest in gold will find that the company’s unique software and performance analysis services make it easier to diversify portfolios. In the past 12 months, Lexi Capital has only faced a single complaint at the Better Business Review, and that complaint has since been closed.

#6. American Bullion American Bullion

  • Web: http://www.americanbullion.com/
  • Trustlink Rating: tl_4stars_lg (4 reviews)
  • BBB Rating: 2 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

American Bullion, based out of Los Angeles, California, is well known among gold IRA companies thanks to a prominent marketing program designed to draw IRA investors interested in diversifying with precious metals. Four precious metals are offered by the company: Silver, platinum, palladium and gold. For investment services, American Bullion offers IRA and 401k rollovers. According to the Better Business Bureau, American Bullion has had two complaints filed against it in the past 12 months, and both have been closed.

#5. Lear Capital Lear Capital

  • Web: http://www.learcapital.com
  • Trustlink rating:  tl_4stars_lg (179 votes)
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Complaints: 10 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Open since 1997, Lear Capital offers a full range of services for investors, including sales of silver and gold coins and set-up of gold IRA accounts. At the Lear Capital website, clients can check for news in the precious metals market that can affect their investments. Clients can pursue financial security with help from the company’s customer service team, which ensures that each client has a personal agent with whom to work. The company’s website simplifies the gold IRA investment process with account completion services, funding determination and continual account management. At the Better Business Bureau, Lear Capital has had 16 complaints filed and subsequently closed within the past 12 months.

#4. Morgan Gold morgan gold

  • web: http://www.morgangold.com/
  • Trustlink Rating: (5 votes – click here details)
  • BBB Rating: A-
  • Complaints: (1 complaint since March 2013 to learn more)

Morgan Gold LLC, based in Irvine, California, has a long history in the gold IRA market. Under the leadership of Steve Deeds, Morgan Gold has served clients with more than 1 billion dollars worth of gold since it started. In addition to selling gold bullion and coins, the company specializes in providing clients with IRA and 401k rollovers. Prospective clients will be happy to know that Morgan Gold has a good track record, with the Better Business Bureau showing only a single, since-closed complaint filed against the company in the past 12 months. On TrustLink, Morgan Gold has a five-star average rating from five posted reviews.

#3. Merit Gold merit gold

  • Web: http://www.meritgold.com/
  • Trustlink rating: tl_5stars_lg (645 votes)
  • BBB rating:  A+
  • Complaints: 3 complaints filed since March 2013

Merit Gold has helped more than 250,000 investors get started with precious metals since it opened for business in 1986. Through market downturns and peaks, Merit Gold has remained available to clients. The company’s features include a transparent pricing system, real-time market news and gold coin assessments. In addition, clients can choose from a competitively priced selection of gold. Merit Gold has established itself as community focused by giving donations to numerous charities, including the American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Project and others.
Read a complete review of Merit Gold and silver here http://www.401kgoldirarollover.com/merit-gold-review/.

#2. Capital Group  Capital Gold Group

  • Web: http://www.startwithgold.com/
  • Trustlink rating: tl_5stars_lg (132 votes)
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Complaints: 0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Capital Gold has been selling gold and offering investment services to clients for more than a decade. The company’s customer service program includes numismatic experts who work with investors to help them target their purchases. Authentication services help clients confirm the value of the coins in which they invest. Gold IRA reviews confirm this company’s standing as a reliable custodian for investors interested in these services.

#1. Regal Assets  regal assets

  • Web: http://www.regalassets.com
  • Trustlink rating: tl_5stars_lg (273 votes)
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Complaints: 0 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

Regal Assets is easily at the top of the best gold IRA companies out there. The company’s numerous strengths, including excellent customer service, low prices and fast delivery, have made it the focus of countless glowing gold IRA reviews. Clients of Regal Assets have access to specialized consultancy on gold purchases, flat fees on annual gold storage and administration fees that are free the first year and only $225 annually afterwards. Better Business Bureau gives Regal Assets an A+ rating with no complaints filed against the company in the past 12 months, and TrustLink has given Regal Assets a rating of five out of five stars. If you’re thinking of doing a gold IRA rollover and are looking for the best option out there, you can get a free Gold IRA Rollover Kit from Regal Assets to learn more.

The above reviews cover the best gold IRA companies available. As you can see, there are plenty of choices for every investor. Shop carefully based on reputation, options and fees to get the best return on your investment and move towards a stable, financially rewarding future.

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