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Best Gold IRA Company

With a full range of gold products, a specialized gold IRA service and a dedicated approach to customer service, Regal Assets easily stands out as the best gold IRA company. Regal Assets has been in business since 2003 and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, further establishing the company as a dependable choice for investors. Read this Regal Assets review to learn more about the features that have earned this company a glowing reputation among consumers.

1. Top-Quality Gold Products

Gold IRA investors can choose between bullion bars, coins or a combination to meet their financial goals, and Regal Assets offers all of these options. Regal Assets reviews commonly mention the diversity offered by the company that enhances the success of clients’ portfolios over time. As the economy changes, having reliable gold products in a portfolio ensures that an investor’s future is more stable and profitable than it would be with the poor-quality products offered by many other gold companies. With that said, some may point out that Regal Assets has a somewhat limited selection of gold bullion, and this could initially confuse clients who have their sights on specific types of gold products. Fortunately, one-on-one help from Regal Assets staff means that investors still have better luck building a portfolio for a comfortable future starting with their first order.

2. Exclusive Guarantee on Prompt Delivery

Gold investors should never have to wait to receive the precious metals they have already purchased, and Regal Assets understands this. As a result, the company guarantees that their clients will never wait more than seven business days to get their gold after funding their account. By contrast, many other gold companies can take more than a month, and sometimes more than three months, to deliver. As soon as Regal Assets ships gold, they send tracking information so that clients can keep an eye on their shipment until it is in their hands. In the rare case that an order actually takes more than seven days to arrive, Regal Assets gives clients a free one-ounce Silver American Eagle. Finally, clients can rest easy after they’ve placed an order because Regal Assets accepts responsibility for shipments of precious metals until clients have signed for their packages and have them in their possession.

3. Unprecedented Gold IRA Services

Many gold companies treat gold IRA services as a sideline next to their gold sales, but Regal Assets focuses on gold IRA creation, transfers and rollovers. Everything a client needs to get started investing in gold is offered by Regal Assets, including knowledgeable customer service professionals, streamlined account creation and low-cost, secure storage. Unlike many other gold IRA companies, which commonly require mailing or faxing of hand-signed documents, Regal Assets has developed a system in which clients can complete paperwork electronically to get started in gold IRA investment quickly. In fact, only 24 hours are needed to get new gold IRA accounts up and running after Regal Assets has received the documents through email.

4. Flat Fees on Segregated Storage and Administration

Regal Assets offers segregated storage of gold with Brinks. Among the few other gold companies offering segregated storage, annual rates commonly start at about $225. Regal Assets gives clients this service for only $150 per year. In fact, this is actually lower than the aggregated storage costs that many other gold companies offer. With Regal Assets, the administration fees for storage is a flat $100 no matter how much gold is involved. Many competitors not only scale administrative fees according to account size but also scale storage fees this way. It’s clear that Regal Assets has established itself as a leader in gold storage and administration fees.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

There is good reason for the focus of many Regal Assets reviews on the company’s customer service. The staff at Regal Assets is dedicated to helping clients build a strong portfolio that includes the features that help them meet their goals rather than pressuring clients into making unwanted and unnecessary purchases. Unfortunately, many other gold companies lure clients with offers for low-cost bullion before pressuring them to buy collector coins that don’t often contribute enough investment value to warrant their price. Reviews on Trustlink average five out of five stars because Regal Assets is only interested in helping clients make smart investments at the best rates available. Over the years, Regal Assets has built a reputation among clients and respected publications such as Inc. Magazine and Forbes by helping clients reach their financial gaols rather than pressuring them to make poor investments as many of their competitors do.

6. Reliable Business Operations

The experience Regal Assets has accumulated over a decade in business means that clients enjoy a refined approach to products, delivery, gold IRA set-up and service. Because Regal Assets has developed an electronic process for account creation, clients can have a gold IRA account in just 24 hours, which is far less than the week or more that can be expected from competitors. For funds transfers, clients can be done in less than 48 hours when they choose Regal Assets. Competitors have been known to take anywhere from one to three months to finish transfers. Regal Assets also covers all of each client’s first year of retirement account expenses, making it even easier to get started. Finally, if clients ever decide to liquidate their assets, Regal Assets will wire the resulting funds within just two days of the request.

Investors who want to work with the best gold IRA company on the market should choose Regal Assets for the reasons listed here. One Regal Assets review after another has identified Regal Assets as the top choice for buying precious metals and creating secure accounts to build stable wealth for retirement. At the end of the day, Regal Assets shows how gold investment should be handled for the profit and satisfaction of finance-conscious consumers.

Visit Regal Assets and Request A Free Investment Kit. Official Website: www.RegalAssets.com

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